For me web design is a mixture of art and technique, a world in which I feel well. Besides, web design belongs to the world of publicity with all its requirements, but also with its aspect of "poetry of our time". Could there be a more fascinating world?

I am a freelance, self-taught web designer. This means first of all a lot of freedom. I am not bound to any school and I am very flexible in terms of time, ideas and ways of realization.

Being also a professional translator, I can guarantee the stylistic and grammatical accurateness and appropriateness of the texts appearing on your web site. This search for precision is also reflected in the graphical and technical aspects of the web sites I design, as well as in the meeting of deadlines.

My aim is to make sites that are affordable, made-to-measure, aesthetically attractive, informative, easy-to-navigate and accessible.

In Point of view", you can read more about my ideas as regards web design.

I do hope that we shall soon work together!


Patricia Cardet