Some artists I love

This Artists' Window is meant to give some artists I like another opportunity to present their works. Some have become very good friends of mine. I am happy and proud to show some of their works here. Maybe you'll become as enthusiastic about their vision of the world as I am.

If, as an artist, you too would like to be present in this Artists Window, please do contact me. If your works are "in my line" and if we can agree on the terms, I shall be only too glad to invite you to jump into this Window.

N.B. - The works are presented in alphabetical order according to the artist's name.

Judit Ekhard - 'Steps'

Judit Ekhard

Drawings, precise and virtuoso, but also liberated from traditional techniques through a harmonious use of colours and above all a sensitive, delicate, poetic and musical abstraction that leads us into the enchanting sphere of this Hungarian-German artist.

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Kardesch - Nr 78


An artistic world without cultural boundaries: inspired among others by Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, by Hebraic texts, by literature from all parts of the world, this French painter creates works full of a profund and vivid inner life.

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Maen - 'Nature statique'


As a sculptor or as a painter, this Romanian artist convinces by the poetry of the forms he creates. They express an empiric philosophy, a world of playing, of secrecy. Materials: acrylic, metal, print ink

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